The next step in the music industry

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The First NFT marketplace, focused on audio

We focus our content on a wide range of audio categories such as Music, Podcasts, Audiobooks, historic archives, etc.

Giving exposure and opportunities to the next generation of content creators.


Youll learn all that you need to know to create NFT's,

audio and much, much more!

You'll get acces to a wide range of tools and discounts.

From the most important companies and professionals in the industry.

Tune Your career

with unique tools.

Sell your art as a NFT!

Forget about all the nightmares to get your art distributed, the abusive industry and the

astronomical prices to get a good job done!

Meet our partners!

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Let Your Mind Be Your Guide  

Either you are here to create, invest or enjoy NFTs. SONORA will teach you and give you all the resources to have the best experience. 

Much more than just a Marketplace

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With our streaming page, youll be able to enjoy your NFTs and other publications and listen to upcoming projects!


Tools to develop your projects from scratch until it's published.

Proof of Authenticity

By using Blockchain technology, it is possible to reach the creator of the content. To assure your intellectual property


Invest in projects or get invesment for yours. The opportunities are endless

Learn more about the project!

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Take your passion to the next level

Create NFTs

Financial Graphs

Get new opportunities!

Invest in NFTs


Get TREBLE, our community token!

Treble. Sonora´s community token.

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